Countryside Tours is a family-owned travel company that has been serving the West Michigan area for over forty years. We strive to give everyone who takes a trip with us an unforgettable experience. Whether it is an 8th grade student on the East Coast Trip, a family enjoying a day trip to Chicago to see a Broadway show, or someone who is taking a week long trip to enjoy the sights and sounds of a city, we want them to have a first-class experience. Join us! Your adventure awaits! In 1981, Sandy Dryer was approached by a local school district to create an end of the school year trip for 8th Grade students that would give them a chance to see some of the places they talked about in history class. Sandy set to work, and created what is now known as The East Coast Trip. Thousands of kids from districts all over West Michigan have since gone on this fantastic adventure. Groups have traveled to Canada, Boston, New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia and more. History comes alive for the kids who take this trip. They walk where the Founding Fathers and our current leaders have walked. They take in historical buildings like Mt. Vernon, Monticello, The Smithsonian and The Frederick Douglass House. They experience history in a way they would never be able to while sitting in a classroom. From this beginning, Countryside Tours was born. These days, Countryside Tours takes people on trips all year long. Sandy’s daughter, Laura, now owns the business and it is growing constantly. We strive to provide a memorable and excellent experience to every person who travels with us. Countryside Tours offers a variety of trips, including shopping trips, historical tours, Broadway shows, hooky days and event-based trips like the Kentucky Derby and the CMA Awards. Our adult trips include breakfast snacks (including hot coffee and a mimosa bar), accomodations in first-class hotels, some meals and your admission to any scheduled attractions. We have trips that are all planned out, and some that allow you time on your own to explore. Most are a combination of both. We are constantly looking for and planning new trips. Have a group that wants to take a trip? We can plan it for you. You tell us what you want, we will use our experience to plan your trip for you! All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride! Whatever type of trip interests you, we would love to have you go on an adventure with us!